"The Guard-Dog mission is to develop new and innovative eyewear styles, that focus on quality, strength and durability, with an emphasis on high speed protection. Guard-Dog offers numerous safety eyewear styles especially designed to keep fine debris and small particulate out of your eyes."
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Guard Dog Safety Glasses

Based out of Ventura California, the Guard Dog motto is "Fast Speeds With Eyes Wide Open". Its eyewear line is specially designed to keep wind, bugs, dust, sand, snow, sun and other small flying particulate out of the wearers eyes. It is reliable and trustworthy solution for workers whose eyes are threatened by abrasive and hazardous debris on an ongoing basis. The company's prescription safety frame line offers a brilliant mix of light-weight, durable products coupled with ingenuity and reliability. The Guard-Dog safety eyewear company has a steadfast commitment to providing its customers with high-quality protection at an affordable and cost-effective price point.

Mancine is pleased to offer you the complete Guard Dog frame line, available as both prescription and nonprescription items.