Pricing Options

EZ-RX (flat-rate) Pricing

For some companies, managing the costs of a prescription safety glasses program can be cumbersome and trying.  But with Mancine’s EZ-RX program, all safety eyewear costs you the same flat-rate price; regardless of the frame chosen and regardless of the lens needed.  It’s the clear-cut and hassle-free alternative to traditional eyewear pricing

With EZ-RX, your staff can choose from over 100 different safety frame model’s made by the premeir manufacturer’s in the industry.  Select any frame and your costs won't go up a penny.

Need a progressive safety lens…  It’s included!

How about a bifocal… Same price!

What about Sideshields…  Tint…  Carrying case…  It’s all included and it's all at one flat-rate price!!!

For many safety managers, this straightforward and easy to manage program is a welcome alternative.  And while traditional pricing models can often leave a manager reaching for their calculator, this program cuts out the guesswork and keeps things simple.

Line Item Pricing

Looking to stick to the traditional pricing model?  Not a problem.  Contact us today and we'll prepare you a quote with safety lens, frame, and add-on material costs seperated by line item.  

With line item pricing comes line item billing, which is the best option for companies that prefer the clarity and control that comes with an itemized price list. Line item pricing is also a good option for companies that want to offer a very specific set of products to their employees.

The bottom line is that Mancine will work with you to devise an eyewear program and billng stratgey thats right for you and your company .  Contact us today for a free quote!