"Wiley X Eyewear, a leading provider of protective eyewear and ballistic products for the U.S. military, outdoor sports enthusiasts and the safety and shooting industries."
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Wiley X Safety Glasses

The U.S. Military Special Forces and Law Enforcement agencies needed the ultimate, shatterproof eye gear. And so, 20 years ago, Wiley-X was born. The company's continual commitment to making reliable, trustworthy products has resulted in them becoming standard issue items with the FBI., D.E.A., Army Rangers, Navy Seal Teams and Military Special Forces. It's no wonder as Wiley-X products are so durable that some models have been tested to withstand a 12-gauge shotgun blast from 10 yards away. Numerous testimonials from American soldiers have been issued to Wiley-X, attesting to the line's quality and citing specific instances of when Wiley-X products saved their vision in the heat of battle.

In 1990, Wiley X began to offer its products to civilians as their protective qualities naturally lend themselves to many activities where protection is critical. Wiley X frames and accessories are now integral to not only the nation’s elite, but also those who hunt, fish, ride motorcycles and, of course, those who work in highly hazardous conditions like those that exist in industrial manufacturing. Products by Wiley-X are certified by Underwriters Laboratories to comply with the regulations and requirements mandated by United States Department of Labor (OSHA 29 CFR 1910.133 Employee Eye and Face Protection), ANSI Z87.1-1989, and the ANSI Z87.1-2003.

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